APPLIED PETROPHYSICS (Introductory and Advanced Courses)

Content Summary of Future Modules

  1. Shaly Sand Saturation Evaluation
    Development of this module is undergoing finalization. It explores the basic Archie equation and its generalization to the shaly sand problem. Specific attention is paid to Waxman-Smits and Dual Water models.
  2. Glauconitic Sand Evaluation
    The occurrence and microporous nature of glauconite is discussed and its impact on saturation calculation and capillary curve data is explained.
  3. Core Acquisition
    Planning, core bits, mud systems, handling procedures, resination.
  4. Routine Core Analysis
    Planning, sampling, plugging, cleaning, drying, grain density, porosity, permeability net confining stress calculation.
  5. Special Core Analysis
    Planning, sampling, electrical properties, capillary pressure, petrography, XRD, SEM
  6. Core Analysis Quality Control
    Core analysis is treated as ground truth, but things go wrong and it must be QC’d. Half a dozen problem examples will be reviewed.
  7. Pulsed Neutron Capture Interpretation in Low Salinity Environments
    PNC logs are designed for use in high formation water salinity environments, but can be successfully used with care in low formation salinity environments such as Australia.
  8. Dipmeter
    Acquisition and interpretation of image/dipmeter logs will be explained.