Mr. Scott Dodge Snr

Scott Dodge


Founder and director, Scott has over 30 years experience with ExxonMobil on 7 continents, 19 countries and 27 sedimentary basins. Early in his career, he spent 2 years in a dedicated Formation Evaluation Expert programme at Exxon Production Research as one of only five graduates of the programme, consisting of Well Testing, Petrophysics, Core Analysis, Cased Hole Nuclear and Mud Logging. He has extensive experience in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs in North and South America, West Africa, Middle East, Europe, Asia and Australasia.

His specialisation is in field studies, rock typing, special core analysis, cased-hole surveillance, and NMR core and log programme planning, supervision, processing and evaluation. He holds an MSc in Petroleum Engineering from the University of Southern California and BSc in Mechanical Engineering from Kansas State University. Scott is also a technical editor of the SPE Reservoir Evaluation and Engineering Journal and received the 2018 Outstanding Technical Editor award. He holds lifetime memberships in the SPE, SPWLA, SCA, and regular member of the AAPG, RSNZ, GSNZ and EngNZ.

Business Development Manager - Global

Jon Bradford


Jon has over 37 years of experience with Schlumberger including 22 years of professional field engineer operational experience with all types of well evaluation services including open hole, cased hole, seismic and production services. He also has extensive experience in well completions. He brought the CHFR and compact PL tools to market. His experience spans 15 years internationally in the UK, Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Thailand, Qatar, Bahrain and Iraq.

Jon has held post field assignments in project and account management culminating as Regional Account Director for the Permian Basin West Texas USA. He earned his BSc in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Arizona and is a lifetime member of the SPE and SPWLA.

Mr. Gilbert Odior

Gilbert Odior


Gilbert has over 35 years with ExxonMobil as a geologist and manager in Asset management, Oil and Gas Management Consulting, Learning and Development as well as Government Relations. Strong knowledge of all applicable Laws and Agreements in oil and gas development in Nigeria which has enabled proven success in partner and government relations management leading to continued achievement of company goals.  Proven successes in finding, developing and producing hydrocarbons in offshore Nigeria basin as well as in the Gulf of Mexico.

Well respected in Nigeria Oil and Gas Industry and held the positions of President of Nigeria Association of Petroleum Explorationist NAPE, President AAPG Africa Region and Director National Data Repository Board. Gilbert Erelumhe Odior is the first recipient of 2018 Vlastimila  Dvořáková International Ambassador Service Award for his leadership, dedication and long-term commitment to AAPG and promoting its ideals within and across the African Continent.  He is also an active member of SPE, NGA, NMGS. Gilbert holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geology and a Master’s degree in Petroleum Geology from University of Ibadan.

Parvez Butt


Parvez holds MS Geophysics from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad, Pakistan. He joined Schlumberger Oil field services in Saudi Arabia as a geophysicist in 1981. Provided borehole seismic processing and interpretation support to Saudi Aramco, Banoco, KOC, JOC, and Kufpec for ten years. After extensive intercompany training in petrophysics, he joined Schlumberger Kuwait as data services manager. Later assignments took him to different countries in Middle East, West Africa and Caspian region (13 Countries).

Has industry experience of more than 35 years in Interpretation of Seismic, wireline logs and while drilling data in various geographical regions and variety of reservoirs. He has published more than 25 technical papers in internationals journals. Currently working as Business Development Manager with Virtual Petrophysics responsible for providing technical support for unconventional and complex reservoirs in Middle East and Caspian Region.

Paul Theologou


Paul Theologou received his Ph.D. in Applied Geology from the University of South Australia in 1997. Following that, he worked as a Petrophysicist at Santos Ltd, A.C.S. Laboratories and Mincom Ltd before starting a petrophysical consulting company (the Saros Group) in 2000. During 2008, Paul joined Chevron Energy Technology Company and worked as a Workflow and Research Petrophysicist in Houston, TX developing carbonate and multi-mineral petrophysical interpretation workflows. During 2015, Paul returned to Australia as the Petrophysics Team Lead for Chevron Australia Pty Ltd.

Paul has extensive experience in multi-mineral interpretations, special core analysis planning and interpretation, field studies and customized workflow coding and development. Paul is based in Brisbane, Queensland.

Idang Danison


Idang has worked for ExxonMobil Production Company in Houston Texas and Mobil Producing Nigeria in Lagos after receiving his MSc degree in Physics from the University of Jos and BSc in Physics from University of Calabar.  He has 18 years of experience in the oil and gas industry and has specialised in Petrophysics with focused training while at ExxonMobil Exploration, Development and Production Companies. His skills and expertise are in the field of Formation Evaluation integrating wireline and logging while drilling log data, core analysis, reservoir management including development and implementation of specialised petrophysical data processing and interpretation techniques.

Idang has built strong working relationships and coordination skills from planning well logging programmes and data acquisition to the delivery of final processing and interpretation results on ExxonMobil Erha NP2 programme and surveillance leading to increased hydrocarbon pay. Idang has additional expertise in field studies where coordinated and effectively provided FE support to field studies and field development programmes to Ubit (300 wells), Enang (100 wells), Utue (21 wells), Idoho (16 wells) and Usan (47wells) fields.

He is a member of the SPWLA, NAPE , NIP and is based in Nigeria.

Jeff Roche


Principal-Advisor-Snr-Consulting & Staff Petrophysicist almost exclusively for multinational operating majors.  Jeff started his career with ExxonMobil in Australia in 1980 including Chevron (1994-2014), OMV and InterOil  (as Principal Petrophysicist) over his 35 plus year career. Areas include Bangladesh, Romania, Vienna, Middle East (Tunisia);  Australasia, PNG and North Sea (UK and Norwegian Sectors). During 2010, Jeff joined Chevron ETC-Energy Technology Company responsible for petrophysical support of Major Capital Projects (MCP’s), Expansion Projects, Appraisal and Exploration programmes within the SE Asian region. Petrophysical studies included static and dynamic model support; resistivity inversion modelling, saturation height modelling; QI rock physics / geomechanic models, forward fluid substitution analyses, RCA & SCAL planning and evaluation.  Jeff is based in Perth, Western Australia.