Petrophysics Services

Field Studies, Reservoir Models, Static & Dynamic

  • Core calibrated/validated porosity, saturation and permeability
  • Saturation Model height functions “SHF”, log or core based (drainage and imbibition Pc)
  • Permeability Model
  • Vertical and Lateral water conformance
  • Water breakthrough identification in producer and observation wells
  • Water mobility in TZ based on relative permeability
  • ROS core and log based

Reservoir Surveillance

  • Programme Design
  • Fluid Contacts
  • Fluid Type Identification
  • Water/Gas Entry
  • Production/Injection Profiles
  • Fluid Holdups

Operations Petrophysics

  • Job design, planning and coordination with Drill Team and Service Companies
  • Real-Time Supervision, QA/QC
  • Real-Time Petrophysical Analysis: N/G, Porosity, Water Saturation, HCPV, Pressure Gradient, Fluid Contacts and Fluid Typing

Routine & Special Core Analysis

  • Programme Design,¬†Supervision, QA/QC
  • Porosity, Permeability, Grain Density, Dean Stark Saturations, drainage and imbibition Pc, relative permeability Unsteady-State and Steady-State (Ambient and Net Confining Stress)

NMR Processing and QC

  • Job design and planning
  • Real-time Programme Supervision, QA/QC
  • Quick-look interpretation Porosity, Swirr, Permeability, Hydrocarbon Pore Volume
  • Standardised reprocessing (phase, stacking, porosity calibration, T2 distributions)
  • MICP-NMR reservoir rock pore typing
  • Permeability modelling, Permeability-thickness, Permeability-thickness profile
  • Fluids and wettability simulation modelling
  • ROS NMR Log-Inject-Log (Manganese Chloride)
  • Bitumen Detection

Resistivity & Acoustic Borehole Images

  • Job design and planning
  • Real-Time Programme Supervision, QA/QC
  • Static & Dynamic images
  • Speed Corrections
  • Bad button identification and reprocessing
  • Structural and Stratigraphic dip determination
  • Borehole breakouts, Drilling Induced and Natural Fractures, and Fault interpretation
  • Principal Stress Orientation

Full Waveform Sonic

  • Job design and planning to measure monopole P&S, dipole Shear, Stoneley wave slowness
  • Real-Time Programme Supervision, QA/QC
  • Processing: Inspect individual waveforms and exclude bad receivers
  • Time average, depth average, or frequency filters
  • Create slowness time coherence semblance log
  • Picking/labeling coherence maxima. Iterative process using guide log.
  • Dipole dispersion correction
  • Travel times from transmitter/receiver slowness log

Included in All-Products

  • Standard Documentation Report and Summary Presentation
  • Pre-processing multi-pass splicing, depth alignment, environmental corrections.
  • Log graphic presentations in PDF or CGM format
  • Reprocessed channel outputs in LAS or DLIS format