Webcast – Rock Pore Typing a Tight Gas Sand Reservoir

Emerson Paradigm provided us the opportunity to present a live webcast on the 19th April 2018. This topic was first presented at the New Zealand Petroleum Conference 2018 and featured in the recent Virtual Petrophysics technical post, VPPS Byte 8. This Virtual Lecture Series webcast is now available for on demand viewing via GoToWebinar. You […]

VPPS Byte 8: Rock Pore Typing a Tight Gas Sand Reservoir

In this installment of our VPPS Byte posts, is a discussion on the value of rock pore typing in a tight gas sand reservoir and the use of a rock pore type catalogue for your oil and gas reservoirs. In March 2018, Scott Dodge presented at the New Zealand Petroleum Conference a workflow developed for […]

VPPS Byte 2: Critical Water Saturation, What is it and how it impacts NMR and Capillary Pressure mobile water

Critical Water Saturation One key petrophysical property that has been overlooked when interpreting whether mobile water is present in a reservoir is the critical water saturation (Swcr).  This saturation is an estimate of the minimum connate water saturation  (Sw) above which the relative permeability to water (Krw) allows water to flow in the reservoir. This […]

VPPS Byte 1: How can I integrate my NMR log data? Or Is it Water or Hydrocarbon?

Common Objectives Ok.  So now you have acquired an NMR log often regarded as a “specialty” service, and you are wondering how do I integrate this into my petrophysical evaluation. This is not your local service company representative selling his wares, but an experienced user of NMR log data.  Let’s start off with the basic […]

NMR Technology LinkedIn Discussion Reply

Is NMR technology used anywhere against laminated reservoirs keeping in view of the vertical resolution of different tools in the industry? AK Saikumar Kakani Advisor-Petrophysics, HLS Asia Ltd, Independent Petrophysics Consultant Thanks to all for your valuable inputs. I have another question. If we are using a mandrel type of tool one being centered and […]